Speed Up Your Time To Market: AI Coding Assistants You Should Check Out

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AI coding assistants are putting the development process on steroids by automating tasks, increasing developer productivity, and improving code quality. This article explores popular options like GitHub Copilot, Codeium, Cody, Code GPT, and Tabnine, highlighting their key features and benefits.


In researching the pros and cons of AI coding assistance tools such as Tabnine, GitHub Copilot, Codeium, and others, it’s clear that each has its unique strengths and limitations, catering to different aspects of coding efficiency, language support, and development integration.

Tabnine and GitHub Copilot are among the most recognized in this space. Tabnine is praised for its versatility, supporting a wide range of programming languages and compatibility with popular code editors and IDEs. It aims to speed up the coding process by suggesting real-time code completions. However, some users might find the subscription cost a bit prohibitive​​.

GitHub Copilot, on the other hand, stands out for its popularity, being a collaboration between GitHub, OpenAI, and Microsoft. It supports all languages featured in GitHub public repos and integrates with major IDEs like Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDEs. It offers features like code suggestions and auto-completion. Despite its popularity, it’s noted that only 26% of Copilot’s suggestions were accepted, indicating potential limitations in the accuracy of its code suggestions for newer or more niche languages​.

The broader landscape of AI coding assistants includes tools like Codeium and others that strive to provide accurate code suggestions and integrate seamlessly with popular IDEs and code editors. The choice of the best AI coding assistant depends on factors such as language and framework support, IDE support, accuracy, performance, documentation & support, cost, and security and privacy policies​.

There is No 100% Perfect Coding Assistant

Despite the advancements, AI-assisted coding tools come with their set of challenges. For instance, one major drawback is the low accuracy rate in generating code, which necessitates extensive code review by developers. This could potentially disrupt the workflow for some coders, who might find it more efficient to write code without constant interruptions for code review​


Remember, even with these powerful tools, understanding your tech stack remains crucial.


Our Most Used Coding Assistants

Let’s get real for a moment: our toolkit changes more often than the latest iPhone model. What we’re into this month might get swapped out for something flashier, something that promises to shave a few more minutes off our coding sessions, or just understands us a bit better. It’s all about finding that perfect match, which, honestly, can be as complex as the code we write. Let’s go:

  • GitHub Copilot:
    • Features: Offers efficient code generation, autocomplete, and natural language interactions.
    • Pros: Provides accurate suggestions and inline chat for on-the-go code modification.
    • Cons: Requires a paid subscription, but deemed worthwhile for professional developers.
  • Codeium:
    • Features: Free tool with functionalities similar to GitHub Copilot.
    • Pros: Provides context-aware answers, code refactoring, and error resolution.
    • Cons: Autocomplete feature may not always generate the latest code version.
  • Cody:
    • Features: Aims to speed up code writing and understanding.
    • Pros: Offers chat, code explanations, and autocomplete.
    • Cons: Might lack context awareness, leading to inaccurate code suggestions.
  • Code GPT:
    • Features: Integrates large language models for code assistance.
    • Pros: Offers code explanation, error-checking, and autocomplete.
    • Cons: Requires improvements in accuracy and latency, but offers potential when combined with other tools.
  • Tabnine:
    • Features: Assists in speeding up software development while ensuring code security.
    • Pros: Offers both free and Pro versions, with efficient autocomplete.
    • Cons: Free version may not be as effective as the Pro version.

SAYGE’s Perspective

At SAYGE, we’re dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest tech trends. We use tools like AI coding assistants to help our team work better. But, we also make sure we understand your tech setup really well.

Making the Most of AI Assistants (While Keeping Your Code):

In conclusion, while AI coding assistants like Tabnine, GitHub Copilot, and Codeium offer significant advantages in terms of speeding up development and improving code quality, developers should weigh these benefits against the costs and potential limitations in accuracy and language support. The choice of tool will largely depend on specific project needs, preferred languages, and development environments.

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Investing in the Future:

AI coding assistants unlock innovation, agility, and success. Explore the possibilities, join us in embracing the future, but remember: mastering your tech stack is still the foundation.

Take the next step towards optimizing your team’s performance while staying in control of your code.

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